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Top 6  Thingss We Should All Know  Before Buying Any  Board Games


Board games are tabletop games that typically use piece counts – moved or placed on a pre-marked board and often include elements of table cards,role-playing and miniatures games as well.


A good number of them feature engagement  between two or more players. To show a few examples: in  scrabble where a player wins by capturing  having highest number of scores or points from the summation of completed words on the scrabble board.


  Rules can range from the very simple board game like Snakes and Ladders  to very difficult or  brain tasking one like Advanced Squad Leader.


Below are  6 things we should all know before making any purchase of our preferred Board Games:


Board games :Scrabble


1.     The average game play the Board Game will Take 


Well, the first time you play a game, you should allot anywhere from   from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the level of difficulty, to figure out the rules, setup and game play.

The best way to see this is on the board game box which is usually written boldly on it, they are mostly depicted by display of Clock image.


2. Recommended starting age for the Board Game :

This is  the age the designers or creators  of the game believe is most  appropriate  to engage  and play the game. One of the major reason we have age recommendation is largely due to the presence  of adult content. Remember that these are recommendations and your child may be able to understand things at an earlier age.


3. The name of the Company

It is no surprise that many Board Games enthusiasts do not usually care about the designer or the name of the company that makes their preferred  game, however, it is not unusual to discover that as collections grows, a particular brand might end up taking a larger part of the shelve space, all  because one has enjoyed everything one have played so far. 


4. Contents tell you what’s inside the box. 

Some board  games have a full list and some don’t have a list at all. It is always a good idea to review this the moment game box is open.


While  it is not very common to have some pieces missing, but there is a chance one has a case of  missing some pieces, this issues can easily  be detected  and one may  need to contact the company for a possible replacement.


5. How many players can  play at once.

This is  a very important factor,If you like to play in teams, large groups, or on a one on one player, the games you can play will change.

Not every game is suitable for or can be adapted to group play  and  a good number of games usually have maximum of about five players, so if there are huge group, there  may need for an expansion or a totally different game. This is usually indicated   on the box in a couple of different styles. 


6. There is a description/overview on every box. 

This is where you will understand the theme or game play. 

You may find that these don’t entirely help you decide as they might not be too detailed. It is a good idea to look through some reviews either online or from family members who own the same board game.


In conclusion, feel free to let us know in the comment session if there are things you think should be consider before making any purchase  of board games of choice!


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