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 Top 9 Secrets That Will Help Your Custom Puzzles Look Amazing


Only a century ago, all jigsaw puzzles were made from solid wood. The  marquetry saw was used to cut the wood into small pieces. 

However, over the years,there has been tremendous advancement in technology and things have changed with puzzles too,they are  made from a number  of materials which include  paperboard, cardboard plastic and even magnets.

We’ve compiled top 9 factors to help you make your customize  jigsaw puzzle look great. So whether you’re just starting assembling puzzles or a pro at it, you’ll find these tips helpful and insighful.


  1. Selected Picture

The kind of preferred  picture determines the level of difficulty you want your puzzle to have. 

Complex images are typically more difficult  to assemble. So, we advise using only portrait-style pictures for those who are just starting out  in puzzles, preferably a family picture. Another factor that can make your puzzles easier to fix is to  select pictures with sharp edges and very  bright colours.


However, you can test their skills for advanced puzzlers using complex photos like landscape photos or pictures with a large area of the same colour. Pets, beaches, mountains and black and white photos can be difficult to assemble.


  1. Picture Resolution

It is of utmost important when choosing the perfect image for your custom puzzle, to select the one with   a very  high-resolution image. Once a high-resolution image is selected, it is certain that the outcome of the  puzzle will come out sharp and clear.

 In addition,  high-resolution images allow players to see the picture on each puzzle piece. However, a puzzle theme with  blurry or quality images make players lose interest in the puzzle.

  1. Number of Images

This depend on the preference of the individual, one can choose a single picture or multiple pictures for his or her customize puzzle. For example, it can be a photo collage or a single picture from your birthday or engagement party. 

Also, when you add more than one picture to your puzzle, you’re increasing the level of difficulty and making the puzzle more fun to assemble. Finally, you can decide to add embellishments, text, or background designs.


Customise jigsaw puzzles for coupes from Nigeria


  1. Size of the Puzzle Picture

After deciding on the  choice of image you want to use for your customize  jigsaw puzzles, the best thing is to decide on the size. 

Customize puzzles in Nigeria  are ideal for gifts. Also,  a puzzle theme can be design  according to the person’s skills and age bracket.

 Typically, puzzle sizes range from 12 to 1000 puzzle pieces. Jigsaw puzzles with less counts  are easy while the higher number of counts the difficult  ones to assemble.


5 Frame Thickness

Framing your puzzles is a perfect idea and great talking point. Customize puzzle frame is usually  thicker than a normal frame. To ensure precision in thickness, use a shadow box that can accommodate the jigsaw puzzle’s depth. Also, you can decide to use plywood with about 3 mm thickness.


  1. Theme

One way to share fun memories  and memorable time  with loved ones is through puzzle engagement. Apart from the fact that puzzling help  to relieve stress, but it also helps to refresh the brain. So its important that a  theme  must be choosen a customize puzzle. It can be 

your kids’ achievements,cat or a photo of your dog.


Customise Jigsaw puzzles


  1. Customise Your Custom Puzzle

Differentiate yoursef by bringing out  creativity when designing your customize  jigsaw puzzles in Nigeria. For example, one  can include  a lovely short note, the year the photo was taken, or even a monogram. 

Also, you can customise the format and font of the puzzle; change the background to either a plain or patterned background. 


8.Picture Colour and Texture

You can make your Nigeria Jigsaw puzzles distinct using very bright and colourful images. 

Black and white are ideal  for those who love something on the dramatic side. However, assembling black and white puzzle pieces can be quite demanding and brain tasking. At the same time, images with different textures can be added to add beauty to the  puzzle theme.


  1. Hanging your Custom Puzzle Frame

There’s no much difference between hanging a normal photo frame and a puzzle frame. However, attention should be on the weight of the puzzle frame as it may be heavier when compare to teat of a normal photo  frame. Also, you’ll need a hook to hang it on your wall for a heavy frame. 

If it’s too much of an issue to create a frame for your puzzle, you can order a frame online. Ordering frames will save you time and effort and is a great gift idea. 



 In conclusion,

A custom photo jigsaw puzzle is a perfect way to spend time and bond with the entire family. 

Imagess of buildings, landscapes, nature,holiday destinations  or even your loved ones can be turned into a customze jigsaw  puzzle in Nigeria.  Feel fee to let us know in the comment section  if there are more  secrets you feel should be included in the above  lists in creating customize jigsaw puzzle. 


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