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15 Compelling Reasons Why  Both Kids And Adults Needs Jigsaw  Puzzles



Only God knows how most us especially folks with young families will have survive during the corona virus without board games and  jigsaw puzzles


Lucky for us many of the Nigeria Game stores like yourjigsawpuzzles.com are offering online services that delivers orders straight to your doorstep.

Its definitely a service to be taken advantage of by all!


As expected, millennials may turn to electronic devices for gaming and puzzles, This truly shows that the  popularity of jigsaw puzzling is on the rise. 

Many adults are finding them a great way to unwind.

Its also a cool way to  relax, challenge their brain in a very distinct way while having fun!


Even public figures, world celebrities like, Sir Patrick Stewart,  Hugh Jackman and Rory McIlroy, Queen Elizabeth II, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres all find them stimulating!

Whether you’re new to puzzling perhaps you started one for the first time during stay at home in corona virus.


Hugh Jackman engaging in jigsaw puzzles during the corona virus lockdown that affected all business activities across the world


From the easy to fix 12 to 25 piece counts, to much more difficult 200,300,500,700 piece counts  sets,

Jigsaw puzzles will challenge both younger children and adult  minds≥

It will  help them relax and be calm.

The gains of puzzles have been known for many generations and are not expected to wane any time soon.

For all the experienced puzzlers out there, hopefully they are already familiar with a number of the compelling reasons jigsaw is a must have,

We  might have one or two they  didn’t know about…so lets all  have a read and  let’s explore together! 


  • Perfect Bonding Tool For The family and Loved Ones.


Engagement of jigsaw puzzles is a great way for  families  to connect with loved ones  for them to enjoy fun memories time together. 

Working together to complete a puzzle promotes teamwork as all the participants  are involve in  coming up with strategies fix the puzzle. 


They may help each other through the frustration, engage in conversations all in the bid to achieve a complete image of the theme.

It perfect way to bond and strengthen friendships.



  • Improved Concentration & Patience

Completing a puzzle requires enthusiasts  to concentrate  for long periods of time.

They observe take their time to see how different pieces will connect together  and this helps to build  concentration skills and  patience.

These are very important  behaviours we need to survive the intricacies of the   real world at adult stage.

 It is worthy of note that a first attempt to  complete  a puzzle from the start to finish is not always a smooth ride.

There may need to repeat their activity for number  few times before getting all the piece to fit together.


  • Development of  Self-Esteem and Confidence

Completing a puzzle helps to build the self-confidence in both adults and  children irrespective of their age.

It does encourage them to take up more  challenges especially when one is able to complete the theme.

The sense of fulfilment once the puzzle is solved help boosts confidence and self-reliance.

 Puzzles provide an assurance  to kids that putting in effort helps to achieve goals.



It makes  kids to come up alternative  solutions to challenges.


When children see those jigsaw puzzle pieces  scattered all over the table or floor,

They  naturally have this urge to fix the pieces together.

Jigsaw puzzle instructions are pretty clear.

It nudge players to solve the problem by putting the pieces together to show the final look and feel of the complete image.


It does helps to develop reasoning and decision-making skills


Although there  are lots of  benefits to both adults and  children engaging in jigsaw puzzles, 

Development of decision-making skills is about one of the most important  skills everyone will need to survive in their adult life. 

By working out which piece is best  to put to where and what to do next,

Children exercise their reasoning skills as they  get closer to finishing their puzzles.


  • Jigsaw puzzles  helps to Instill more confidence


Puzzles allow children to think and act independently.

They usually don’t need a lot of support or adult guidance to do an age-appropriate jigsaw puzzle.

When children are  allow to work on their own,

They discover their self-worth and gain more confidence in themselves.

Parents can use kids build self-worth for their kids  and help them see how their hard work pays off.


  • Jigsaw puzzles encourages teamwork among its players.

Engagement with a jigsaw puzzle together with two or more people requires teamwork and communication.

Connecting each piece  together teaches enthusiasts irrespective of their age lots of crucial  lessons, such as resolving a disagreement and asking for help. 

One can  model social skills when a puzzle done jointly beween an adult and a  child.

For instance, usage of polite words to ask for an item or suggest a plan during jigsaw engagement.

This same style of communication and skills  will be seen on how the kids interact with others in everyday life.


10 Compelling Reasons Why Both Kids And Adults Needs Jigsaw Puzzles




  • Jigsaw puzzles improve your child’s concentration span. 

According to Specialists in child’s development,

it was  found that  children are only able to focus on  one task per time when engaging in jigsaws.

They say that kids can only concentrate for two to five minutes times their age.

 That means that if your child is two years old, they can only focus on one thing for four to 10 minutes. You must be relieved to know that it is completely normal if your child has a short attention span. 

Jigsaw puzzles can help kids achieve better concentration because they will be fixated  on one task until they complete it.


Jigsaw puzzles Encourage Learning New Things

We all learn by doing.

Most children can learn about the world through puzzles which often cover a variety of different themes.

 This educational toy helps kids understand geography, body parts, culture, placesanimal life, nature and more etc. 

It should be worthy of note that some schools use puzzles to teach about complex subjects such as botany and zoology.

One can also do same thing  at home with simple jigsaw puzzles.


  • Jigsaw puzzles Helps Improves Enthusiasts  Hand-Eye Coordination.

All jigsaw enthusiasts  must carefully place each correct  pieces into place to solve a puzzle.

Then, they use their eyes to find where the perfect spots are and use their hands to put the pieces accurately. 

It’s best to allow enthusiasts lots of independence in this process by giving guidance while allowing them to  sort things out by themselves.


  • Jigsaw puzzles truly makes players get more patient.


All enthusiasts soon come to the understanding that  they can’t rush on solving the puzzle because the styles of this game doesn’t work that way. 

They will also experience frustration along the way when they don’t find the right pieces.

They soon realise that it’s taking  much longer than they expected to complete the puzzle.

With jigsaw puzzles  players learn that there are some things that you need to slowly work your way up until you were able to fix all.


  • They decrease stress and make you happier!

This  is also true about jigsaw, fixing together a particularly troublesome section, or finally finding the missing piece of a chunk of puzzle definitely gives one a surge of dopomine hormone,

This is an hormone solely responsible for happiness in human. 

Jigsaws are such a great mood booster.

They can help relieve the stress of the day and are generally a good activity to prevent boredom. 

Puzzling is largely connected to meditation and bring calmness,

They  are a perfect tool for engaging  mindfulness as they require you to be present  in the moment.


In conclusion,

We believe now that we will all agree why  educational toy like jigsaw  puzzle is a must have for all families for thier bonding time. Its a perfect tool to learn and improve essential life skills. 


In addition, it provides a great opportunity for parents and children to connect.

We are sure  you will have a fun time together.

As your children grow, you can increase the difficulty level of the puzzles to continue to advance their abilities.

Feel free to visit yourjigsawpuzzles.com to select your preferred puzzle themes for your loved ones and have them delivered anywhere in Africa to your doorstep!

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