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10 Creative  Gift Items  For Smart  Nigeria Children

  Finding creative gift items  for smart  Nigeria children is not particularly an easy task, because they often get bored easily  with simple  toys.   In this post,we will like to explore some toys that your intelligent child or grandchild… Continue Reading…

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What Are Educational Toys And Its Benefits  To Children

  What Are Educational Toys?   Educational toys  are objects of play, designed for children, which are expected to aid learning.  Their main  purpose is to educate, such as helping a child develop a particular skill or subject.  They often… Continue Reading…


Top 14 Cool Facts Your Children Should Know About Kano State

According to the Kano Chronicle in 1890s, the most popular native history of the Hausa  people,   The Kano kingdom was founded as one of the ‚ÄúSeven True Hausa States‚ÄĚ in 999 by the first  King in Kano named  … Continue Reading…


KAABA : The Centre Of The Holiest Place In The World

The Kaaba is a sacred building located at the centre of the most prominent mosque in Islam.  This square-shaped building is elegantly draped in a cotton and silk veil. It is also called   Al-Ka Ņbah Al-Musharrafah. The Kaaba is the… Continue Reading…

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HomeSchooling : What is Homeschooling And All You Need To Know About The Process

  Homeschooling  is the form of education  of school-aged  children at home or a variety of places other than a school, usually managed by a parent, tutor, or an online teacher,   Many homeschool families use less formal, more personalised… Continue Reading…

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  Are you one of those who enjoy challenging yourself regularly with a perfect  jigsaw puzzle?    While there are numerous reasons and benefits for engaging in jigsaws, you may choose to engage it  because it keep your mind sharp?… Continue Reading…

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6 Ways On How To Do A Jigsaw Puzzle : Tips  and Tricks

  Nowadays, jigsaw puzzles come in different varieties of piece counts.Those ones with higher number of piece counts can be  hard to fix together, but just like easier puzzles, they can be finished!    In fact, completing a difficult  puzzles is… Continue Reading…

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Top 10  Real-Life Lessons   From  Jigsaw Puzzle

  Jigsaw puzzles are remarkable  learning board game materials. They help instills  patience, calmness, determination, self-control and production of dopamine hormones that is responsible for happiness.  They can also make us to think about  crucial  life questions like, “Why am… Continue Reading…

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15 Compelling Reasons Why  Both Kids And Adults Needs Jigsaw  Puzzles

  Only God knows how most us especially folks with young families will have survive during the corona virus without board games and  jigsaw puzzles!    Lucky for us many of the Nigeria Game stores like yourjigsawpuzzles.com are offering online… Continue Reading…

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90  Insightful  Qoutes About Jigsaw  Puzzles

Many  sage look at life as a puzzle that is meant to be solved. For some, it becomes difficult to solve the puzzles without all the pieces.   Just like the happening in our lives, we often try to proffer  solution to… Continue Reading…