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                    How Technology Is Changing How We  Treat Jigsaw Puzzles.


Board games are enjoying their time in the spotlight right now, but I’m not just talking about stuff like Monopoly or Scrabble.

There’s been a boom in Jigsaw puzzles titles from different companies with   various themes, materials, level of difficulty and design, appealing to a wide range of demographics.


Given jigsaw puzzles are  still mostly entirely physical while  some popular brands are  now available to play digitally.

it’s pretty hard to imagine what the future of board games will look like without picturing the advancement that has been made in Jigsaw puzzles manufacturers across the globe!


Life is all about change and adapting to transitions.

With the advancement  of technology, everything around us has witnessed  noticeable changes.

Similarly, jigsaw puzzles have also seen a reawakening that is not going to stop anytime soon.


Below are some highlights  on how technology is improving and enhancing the jigsaw puzzling experience.


Availability of Jigsaw Puzzles Online

With the rise of digital gaming, jigsaw puzzles  have also made their way as a staple genre in the industry. You can lots of popular jigsaw themes  being released on digital gaming platforms. 


The availability of these board games influences users to try out these digital versions of  the puzzle theme and be attracted to the physical versions. 


For instance, one might be able to enjoy an engaging session of Wild Animals themed puzzle on your tablet with a friend but adding more than 2 players would not be possible on a single device or tablet.


There will be need to ultimately require a physical version of the theme if one want to play with more than two participants.


Jigsaw puzzles are still mostly entirely physical while some popular brands are now available to play digitally.

 In addition to this, physical board games provide haptic feedback to the brain when certain in-game moves are executed.

For example, players completing jigsaw puzzle sense of fulfilment and calmness  when they  finally see the final look and feel of the puzzle after completion.  


Generation of  Online Content

The internet is a powerful tool that can be used adequately to reach the multitude of folks at the same time.


Tourch-points like Social media, blogging, podcasts, and online content websites are often used in promoting products and services. There are varieties of  podcasts, video streaming channels, and content creators with a passion for jigsaw puzzles  who dedicate their content to exclusive to their puzzling activities.



For instance one popular jigsaw puzzle enthusiast is Kareen Kavett, a native of New Jersey in the United State, she average about 200,000 view on her channel review different puzzle themes for her  online audience.


 These online  tools helps to  boost the reach to new users and can influence people to be more engaged when done the right way. One  can even learn the tricks of the trade and up ones game with insight  obtained from online platforms. 


 Joining jigsaw forums online  is another way individuals are getting familiar with these games. All these helpful insights can lead one to get easier and faster way on how  master your board jigsaw puzzle theme  of choice.




Jigsaw puzzle Game Funding

These days, you can find a a number  of Kickstarter platforms which are used to model a new idea into a practical reality. Jigsaw puzzles  makers can put up their designs for crowdfunding and eliminate the need for a publisher to mediate the production process. 


Furthermore, making a jigsaw puzzle  concept is never easy and requires time and resources which this crowdsourcing can offer without much stress.



Promoting the Hobby

We all know about popular games like snakes and ladders or monopoly but only a few recognize jigsaw puzzles themes like Nigeria map  from yourjigsawpuzzles.com. These powerful online platforms can help promote these themes by making digital versions  of many Africa themed jigsaw and making them available for family and friends to enjoy.


In conclusion, Technology might not be able to  totally eradicate traditional ways of enjoying jigsaw puzzles but it has surely created a deeper experience for people interested in trying out digital versions of their favourite jigsaw puzzle themes. 


It is indeed very true that  technology is helping  in increasing the popularity of jigsaw puzzles games in no small way.Feel free to let us know in the comment section, any other factor that Technology might be enhancing puzzles  positively.


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