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10 Creative  Gift Items  For Smart  Nigeria Children



Finding creative gift items  for smart  Nigeria children is not particularly an easy task, because they often get bored easily  with simple  toys.


In this post,we will like to explore some toys that your intelligent child or grandchild might like! 


One of the greatest qualities  about young  children is that they love learning new things!


They thrive on toys and creative gift items spark up their imaginations at the same time entertain them.


Buying  creative gifted kids on either birthdays,special occassions  can be especially tricky, so  our team came up with this lists of 10 creative gift  ideas  for smart nigeria children!


 Factors To Consider When Buying Creative Gift For Your Children.


  •      Toys or Games  must be  Challenging : Smart Nigerian children  need a  creative gift items that will challenge,spark up their curiosity since all children have low attention span. Games and toys that allow them to engage  their minds are perfect choices!


  • Gift must Ignite Creativity : Smart  children need to use their imaginations to solve difficult problems while at play! I love toys and games that encourage kids to solve problems or make them engage in activities that  stimulate creativity.


  • The Gift must  be of  Interests to the Child : If Children aren’t interested in it, odds are it will never leave the packaging box. There is better chance at success with your gift when the selection is centred around  areas of  interests of the  children.  For example, if your child loves building, then a LEGO set or a kit for building a robotic arm may be the best options to choose from.


  •  Toys or Games  is Age Appropriate for the Child – It is worthy of note that selecting an age appropriate gift for a child using his or her age alone is not enough.  There is need to take into consideration the emotional, psychological and physical maturity of the child.


The following are  lists of unique, creative gifts items for kids for that special occasion :



  •  DRONE


Drones  are great to have ! They are perfect  gift idea for smart children. 

Drones also encourage children to move around in fresh air by way of exercising  while learning hands -on-skills.

It is however, advisable not to buy  big, expensive drone for your young child.

There are several brands of drones  for small, beginners that even 8 year-olds can operate easily.

Drones for Children




Jigsaw puzzles are always a great idea for stimulating thinking.They are ideal for having hours memorable bonding time and fun with loved ones.

They can also come in form of  customise themes or just any relatable  themes. 

Both Children and Adults benefit from puzzling. It helps in developing critical and cognitive thinking.

Looking for an ideal  board game to get your children busy while having fun at the same time, yourjigsawpuzzles.com  themes is just  one of the brand around you can share with them.


https://yourjigsawpuzzles.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/officer2.jpg                                          customise jigsaw puzzles




Lego Games come in different forms, be it  consoles, to building blocks and actual robots.

 LEGO is one of those gifts for kids that everyone, ranging from preschoolers to teenagers, find appealing and  trully  enjoys due to its wide range of diversified  options and exciting effect. 


Lego Games for Smart Kids




Solar Powered Rover


Young children are able to change  a recycled soda can into a solar-powered rover. 

A creative and fun way to learn about cause and effect of relatable element within immediate environment!

Solar Rover is usually recommended for ages 8 years above, but smart  kids as young as 6years will be able to do this independently with little supervision.


 The Classic Old Jenga


Classic Jenga is a game of  physical skill created  by British board game designer and author  Leslie Scott. and marketed and distributed by Hasbro. Players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks.

 Each block removed is then placed on top of the tower, creating a progressively more unstable structure.

Young children  with their  inexperienced hands are the best combination to play this lovely  game. 

Parent can join their  children too as they arrange the blocks to form a tower. 




Even though  most gift items are usually boxed or wrapped in shining foil.

 There are gifts for kids might not come wrapped in a pretty box, but that doesn’t make them any less special.

 If you have ever pay close attention to preschoolers during their playtime,  you’ll know that most kids  around 2 years old would absolutely prefer  to spend their entire day playing around.

It will not be a bad idea to surprise your child with a personal ball pit on his or her special day. 


Personal Ball Pit


A Piggy Bank


 Exposing young children to  financial  literacy early is   is very important and instilling the saving culture into them goes a long way in making them a more responsible in their adult years.

 A piggy bank as a perfect gift  that  can get your child excited about saving money.


piggy bank for smart kids



A Personal Gratitude  Journal


The perfect time to start grooming your children writing skills is from an early age.This can only be achieve by encouraging your child to write down their  thoughts and  daily experience. 

Gratitude  Journal can help your child value life, process feelings and  better communicate his or her ideas. 


Feel free to let us know there is any other creative gift items, you think we should include in the above lists.

We will be glad to review the lists to include your addition!

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