Top 14 Cool Facts Your Children Should Know About Kano State


According to the Kano Chronicle in 1890s, the most popular native history of the Hausa  people,


The Kano kingdom was founded as one of the “Seven True Hausa States” in 999 by the first  King in Kano named   Bagauda.


Its capital was moved from Sheme  to the present site of Kano city during King Gajemasu’s reign (1095–1134). 


Malinke Sheiks  from the Mali empire brought Islam into the region in the 1340s,

King Yaji (reigned 1349–85) was probably Kano’s first Muslim Hausa king.

 Islam was blamed for Kano’s defeat by Zaria about  year 1400,

 King Kanajeji renounced  the faith in the 1450s before it later regained its influence.




  •  Islam was introduced into Kano state   during the reign of Caliph Uthman Ibn Affan (23-35 H/643-655).


  • Usman Dan Fodio,  led a revolt against the Hausa overlords and defeated Kano city in 1807.. 


  •  Sulaimanu (Sulemanu), was the first Fulani Emir to be installed in Kano, 


  •  Emir Ibrahim Dabo (1819–46) of the Sullibawa clan, founded the present Dynasty.


  • The current Emir of Kano is Aminu Ado Bayero born in  1961.


  • He  is the 15th Fulani Emir of Kano from the Fulani Sullubawa clan.


  • Kano state  has only one city, the Kano metropolitan area.


  • The 8 local government areas, which are Kano municipal, Dala, Tarauni, Fagge, Nasarawa, Gwale, Ungogo and Kumbotso, Rimi.


  •   The official language of Kano State is English but the Hausa language is commonly spoken.


  •  Arabic literature is very popular among the indigenes of Kano.


  • In March, 1903, the Fort of Kano was defeated by the British,


  • It quickly replaced Lokoja as the administrative centre of Northern Nigeria.



  • By the 1820s, Kano had become the greatest commercial power in West Africa.


  • Its leather and cotton goods were widely transported  to Tripoli, Tunis, and Fès and  Europe.
  • Kano  is one of the largest state in Nigeria in term of population.


  • Its population was  estimated to be 20,000,000 in the year  2020.


  • It has 44 Local Government Areas with total area of 20,479.6square kilometers.


  • The first military police commissioner, Audu Bako, 


  • The first civilian Governor was Abubakar Rimi. 




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