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Top 10  Real-Life Lessons   From  Jigsaw Puzzle


Jigsaw puzzles are remarkable  learning board game materials.

They help instills  patience, calmness, determination, self-control and production of dopamine hormones that is responsible for happiness.

 They can also make us to think about  crucial  life questions like,

“Why am I still sitting here staring at these tiny pieces when I could be  watching “King of Boys 2“ on Netflix?

Jigsaw puzzles gives a sense of calm  even when the real world doesn’t.

Every piece has its place, and one is expected to  sort things out eventually.

It is a natural  a pastime of recharging the mind for some.

It give them chance to the simple things in life that most folks  usually take for granted  in our everyday lives.



  • Never  Give Up.

A perfect  puzzle is like most great things in life. 

Every good things do not happen in hurry nor  can it  be rushed.

Anything worth doing takes time and lots of consistent effort, perseverance and diligence  pays off.

All  jigsaw puzzles are put together piece by piece gradually, one piece at a time.

Don’t fret  if  things scatter and a bit chaotic the first time, its only a phase.

It shall pass, the answer lies  in there, with consistency of effort.


jigsaw puzzles with Kids

“Never give up, the tide will turn.”

“You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up.”

“There is no failure except in no longer trying.”


  • The Need  To Set Boundaries.

When engaging  on a jigsaw puzzle, it’s best to establish the border or the edges first. 

Fixing the edges of the jigsaw gives one the needed clarity, provide a sense of security and protection.

This can be liken to be the  same as our  everyday experience and different areas in ones  life.

Setting boundaries determine  how we manage relationship with extended families, our work and our personal relationships etc.

Failure to set  adequate boundaries or not having it in place will always make one feel bad and not fulfilled.

It will ultimately lead to the feeling of being  taken for granted, used and exhausted.


  • Variety Is The Spice Of Life.

This is indeed very true for both life and in  a jigsaw puzzle puzzling,

Life comes in different form, events and different happening at different time,

Jigsaws also  come with its different shapes, sizes, colours too.

These combination of different varieties of elements  is what  makes it all very  interesting.


Focus On The  Present.

According to the reknown Author, Eckhart Tolle in his Bestseller book, ,

He said, “When you feel confused  by problems focus on THIS INSTANT and ask yourself:


You will find that there is no problem NOW.

 Many  independent studies have shown that mindfulness can improve our health in many ways.

It  helps to reduce stress and improving sleep.

Although, living in the moment isn’t always  a smooth ride for people.

We  are constantly worry about the future.

A good puzzle forces us to lose ourselves in the flow of the moment.

Real Life lessons learnt on jigsaw puzzles
  •   Examine And Imagine The Big Picture

Every jigsaw enthusiast  knows that getting fixated on just an  individual piece will only lead to frustration and total waste of time.

Its best t move on to another area when some  sections stops working,


  • Celebrate your successes.

There is a sense of fulfilment when we achieve our goal or task, even  if its only a little  success.

There is every reason to celebrate any achievement no matter how small!


  •  Do Not Use Force In A Bid To Secure A Piece In Its Rightful Place.

Jigsaw puzzles teach one to acknowledge, accept ones reality and not to force a fit where it doesn’t fit in.

The real simple life lesson here is to always be true to oneself.

One  should live a life that is true to ones own  purpose,

 We should never  become an hypocrite.

 Its  best true to oneself and take radical  acceptance for whatever situation might find oneself.


  •  Be  Confident.

  • We shouldn’t be afraid to  experiment with new ideas whenever we working on a new a new project at work

 We should have firm believe that  unexpected things will  happen to those that exhibit confidence in  the middle of uncertainty. 

  • Rest Is Necessary.

Most of us  fail to realize just how important it is to take time to relax, but the truth is that our bodies and minds get stronger when we rest.

 Working too hard without enough sleep is a recipe for disaster both on our health and productivity.

Jigsaw Puzzles teach us to take a break or even a nap when things seems not to be  going well.



Final Thoughts…

Jigsaw puzzles is a board  game that  is full of life lessons.

You try to fix, fit all the possible resources you have to ensure that it comes out great.

Sometimes, we get fixated on a particular areas  of a project that is not making headway.

We can all benefit from these lessons as we try to piece our life together. 

You are definitely not alone in this  trip call Life,

Its good  to always lend a hand to others who are facing one challenge.

Treating people nice and supporting others. 

It’s crucial to remember that it’s fine to take a break and look after ourself.

Feel free to let us know in the comment session if there are other real-life lessons that can be learnt in jigsaw puzzling! 

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