Customize Jigsaw Puzzle For Accrette Petroleum Limited



ITEM DIMENSION : 20’ by 20


PUZZLE MAIN MATERIAL : 6mm Thick Foam Board


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Customize Jigsaw Puzzle For Accrette Petroleum Limited


Customise Jigsaw puzzle for Accrette petroleum is a 20’by 20′ foam board materials with 6mm thickness.

An ideal game for the member of staff in retreat.

There are several  ways to turn your preferred photographs into a customise jigsaw puzzle and we’re open to work with you to create the perfect design.


 Let’s start by thinking outside the box!

We’ve designed themes using much more than photos, families holidays spots, brands and products, hotel buildings and logos.


Jigsaw puzzles for adults in retreat, team bonding exercise and conference
Customise jigsaw puzzle for Accrette Oil and Gas Limited


 What can we utilize to make your custom puzzle extra special? 

 Working from your briefs, your  photographs and our imaginations, we’ll design a scene with the elements you want and the colors and edge style that will make the perfect custom jigsaw puzzle. 

The possibilities are simply endless! 

Now, let’s get personal! It’s time to select the short information on what you would like to include into customise  puzzle.


These can be as simple as names, hastags of your previous events and dates. 


We believe these are  the pieces that showcase  the puzzler’s interests,

hobbies, family, pets, favourite places, and activities and let them know this puzzle was customised especially for them. 


 We can help transform  any of your images into puzzles!


About Accrette Oil and Gas Limited

At Accrete, we use our global network of strategic partners to provide local solutions that span the full life cycle of any energy development.


 Petroleum Experts Limited, Adept Solutions and a host of other world-class service companies are our partners.


We provide the best-in-class software tools and petroleum engineering services to our clients.


Every client is unique and we endeavour to deliver an individual, innovative and affordable proposal every time.


We  follow  through on our project with an outstanding delivery which is both on time and within budget.


Accrete Petroleum is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with innovative and cutting edge software tools.


Accrete Petroleum has headquarters in the city of Lagos, Nigeria with regional offices in Cairo, Egypt and Aberdeen, UK.



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