PRICE : .                   ₦5,500.00

BRAND:                   YOUR JIGSAW PUZZLES

ITEM DIMENSION :  15’ by 15’ by 2’


PUZZLE MAIN MATERIAL : 4mm Thick Foam Board

British pounds : £5.99

American Dollar : $8.99

Euro : 8.99 euros



    • Engage yourself and friends to complete this 100,64,25 pieces of solar planet jigsaw  puzzle.
    • Improved memory, better problem-solving skills, higher IQ, improved mood and lower stress levels are just a handful of benefits attributed to regular jigsaw puzzle solving activity.
    • High quality puzzle,4mm thickness foam-board for durability .
    • Months  of enjoyment matched with precisely cut interlocking pieces ensure a finished product with a smooth, even surface.
    • Sharpen your creative thinking and problem-solving skills! Yourjigsawpuzzles.com is committed to creating challenging puzzles for adults and/or puzzles for young adults in cooperation with amazing creatives that engage, educate and inspire fun.
    • Manufacture  and proudly produced in Nigeria, we are committed to providing quality puzzles, games and toys since 2019!
    •   Great for kids to exercise their cognitive competence, mental  ability and learning capacity.



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Our Solar System jigsaw puzzle provides a perfect way  to bond with the  children.

Its an avenue to start up meaningful and insightful conversation around   the earth and its orbits from your children!

This  bright, colourful 25 piece counts solar system  jigsaw  puzzle  measures 13’ by 13’ square shape when completed ,

We also  have in  64, 100 piece counts depending on the age of the users.


Jigsaw Puzzles are fun, educative  to do alone or in a group.

Its a perfect gift items for all ages at birthdays and holidays.

Puzzles for children of every age help support a child’s development as they play, building skills such as curiosity and creativity.


 12 Facts We Should Know about our Solar Planets


  • The Solar System  is the gravitational bound system of the sun and the objects that orbit it, either directly or indirectly.


  • The 8  planets is the largest among all the that orbit the Sun directly, the other  the dwarf  planet.


  • The Solar System formed 4.6 Billion years ago from gravitational collapse from the of a giant interstellar molecular cloud. 


  • The vast majority of the solar system mass  is in the Sun, with the majority of the remaining mass contained in Jupiter.


  • The four smaller  inner system  planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are terrestrial planets, 


  • The four outer system planets are giants planets and are  more massive than the terrestrials. 
  •  Jupiter and Saturn   composed mainly of hydrogen and helium.


  •  The two outermost planets, Uranus and Neptune composed mostly of substances with relatively high melting points.
  • All eight planets have almost circular orbits that lie within a nearly flat disc called the ecliptic.
  • The Solar System also contains smaller objects.
  •   Pluto  was also  listed as a planet until 2006.
  • The four inner system planets—Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars—are terrestrial planets.
  • Jupiter and Saturn, are the largest of all the solar system. 


  • The entire  eight planets have nearly circular orbits that lie near the plane of Earth’s orbit, 



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