These are sets of puzzle enthusiasts that  enjoy the feeling of digging through the box of puzzle pieces. It is a known fact that  different puzzle company pieces feel differently than others. These folks  do not like puzzle dust because it gets under their fingernails. 


While its a bit difficult to hard to understand how these set of puzzlers actually  assemble their puzzle  which can either be  by  picking out a piece and then place it all by itself in its approximate location until they have enough pieces placed that they start connecting or they dig through until they find a specific piece for a specific place.


The only advantage that a Digger can have using  this approach  is the opportunity to availability of   space because all of the pieces stay in the box until they are needed.




These are the type of  puzzle enthusiasts that  enjoys creating piles or trays or bowls or boards of different pieces. They sometimes can choose to  sort by color, shape, or pattern. They might even do a two-stage sort:  

First by colour or pattern and then by shape. They do spend  more time  sorting out the different puzzle pieces in trays  before they actually get to start putting pieces together, but once they completed sorting in different trays and commence fixing the puzzles, they might be able to finish their puzzles faster than non-sorters. 

This is common among adult puzzlers as most young people are known to be impatient to  waste time dividing the pieces into various groups.





This puzzler enjoys working puzzles with a set approach. They might start with the left side and work their way to the right side. 

They might work from top to bottom. 


They might start with a section that captures their attention and then build on to that section until finished. They might choose to start with the background areas before assembling the centerpiece of the puzzle image. 

They may or may not start with the edge pieces, but they typically have a plan in mind when they begin. Extreme methodical puzzlers will actually assemble one row or column at a time before moving on to the next row or column. I am a confirmed methodical puzzler, but I am more relaxed than the extreme variety.



This puzzler enjoys creating order out of chaos. They gleefully fill their puzzle board with loose pieces, and push a few out of the way to begin assembling a section that is calling to them. They do not typically plan a strategy, but will work willy nilly, wherever their eyes and fingers take them. 

When you or I see photos of their puzzles in progress, they will most likely look like a hot mess. But to the chaotic puzzler, they see puzzle bliss. I tried this method once as an experiment, and that was enough for me.

I have two puzzle friends who embrace this method with a passion. I think that they are nuts, lol, but they most likely feel the same way about me!


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