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Top 7 Reasons Why Hitting Rock Bottom Is The Greatest Thing That Can Ever Happen To Anyone


Its almost 5 years ago now, I had hit rock bottom—I was sacked from my job after serving the firm for 5 years, even though I was one of the best guys  working there at the time, my financials was nothing to write home, and I discovered that my son was sick with an illness, emotionally I was really down, and my  spiritually was at lowest ebb. 

The hit was hurting in every form of  way, and I eventually summoned courage to  had no choice but to face problems by myself, sadly  and wholeheartedly.


Years later, I recalled with great gratitude for the remarkable gifts that time  gave me. It infuse in me a deep trust that the universe actually did have my back, even though I am yet to be in el-dorado, am constantly growing and moving to the next level, am much more fulfilled and contented.


You might think it’s weird  for saying this, but I’d do it all again, in a heartbeat, for the remarkable awareness and development I experience through what were undoubtedly my toughest time.


But like any satisfactory experience, it’s only beneficial if you come back having learned some solid lessons and with wisdom to share from having all through the challenges life throws at you.


The following are top 6 reasons why hitting rock bottom is the greatest thing, and why everyone should aim to hit rock bottom at least once in a lifetime :



Being at the lowest ebb of life  make one to  imbibe humility, our body system naturally  gain tremendous humility during this trying time.

One clearly see that life is not black and white and one cannot provide answers to everything.

 In fact, there is this sudden realisation  that  one knows very little, and its important   to become life-long learner  rather than a juror.



Anyone that is undergoing his or her lowest ebb will gain lots of  compassion. Such individuals will decipher  what  it’s like for people in the depths of hopelessness, humiliation, misconduct, and worry.

You can’t help but come back from the bottom feeling immense empathy with the human condition.


Self-awareness of Bad Habits & Behaviours

At the bottom, you’re disempowering patterns and behaviours become glaringly obvious, and the triggers that kept you repeating those behaviour patterns come into sharp focus. 

You realise that hitting rock bottom was not only inevitable but necessary, because those behaviours were simply not conducive to your growth. 


On top of that, and perhaps most importantly, all the roles you’d been playing pop into your conscious awareness. It becomes clear that you’ve been a kind of puppet, playing the same role over and over, creating the same dynamics over and over, and keeping the drama going over and over, like a well-paid actor in a soap opera.


 It’s not until you break the mould and start the journey back to your true self that you stop playing those old, scratched records and begin to create new conscious outcomes.


Trusting Yourself

Hitting rock bottom makes one see the reality on how one is depending  on outsiders to make one joyful. 

Instead of relying on outsiders to give approval or acceptance on personal matters, one begin to follow ones gut  and commence the journey within to discover ones oneself, your own sense of direction, and your own validation. 

This new inner safe-house becomes the bedrock for your fulfilled and meaningful new life.


Reflection and Realisation

At the lowest point of ones life, you will come to see how distant  you were, and that your life options you have are simply not enduring. 

It’s in those difficult moments of hopelessness that your resentment and disappointment become so large that you proclaim once and for all to never again accept such meanness from yourself or from anyone.


Gaining Fresh Perspective


Being in rock bottom is the beginning of  cross-examining almost everything that you have once believed it’s the truth. You question your reasons, other people’s reasons, your faiths, your worries, why you acted in a certain ways, why you refused to act in a certain ways, why you fascinated by certain people and situations, reasons you failed and  succeeded. 

Your entire system undergo a total rejuvenation and examined in raw detail and most times without emotion. It’s from this point that you build from the scratch again, a laying of  new, more solid foundation with a fresh perspective based on your restored sense of direction.


Seeing your dysfunctional behaviours

When all the chips are down, all your unfit behaviours are eventually in the open. If one has never experience his or her lowest ebb, the bad attitude continue to go unseen and uncontrolled, exhibiting itself under the refutation radar and unavoidably producing a bigger dysfunctions and  wreaking more  down the track. 

Until the final disaster strike, you skilfully mislead yourself into thinking everything is just wonderful!—and your life ends up being built on a fake, unreal, big lie and a shaky foundation.


Do you have any other reasons why rock bottom is best for anyone, Please feel free to let us know  in the comment  section below.

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Thanks for sharing and being vulnerable. Every wall is a door, every mess has a message, and every testimony needs a test. Keep up the good work.


Thanks so much for your kind words and your years of encouragement! You are indeed an inspiration for my generation!!


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