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Kids And Cavities: Understanding The Causes Of Rotten Baby Teeth And Its Prevention

  Combating  cavities in kids can sometimes feel like it isn’t worth the  stress and many effort that goes into persuading them to have their teeth clean regularly.   In a bid to get ready on time  to school in… Continue Reading…

Children and Adults

Excessive Sugar Consumption By Kids Its and Preventions

  I feel like a hypocrite writing about the dangers of sugar because am  also guilty.i will share how you need to watch your kids’ sugar intake. I know the dangers of sugar through contents I have  read online and… Continue Reading…

Children and Adults, Learning

How Salt, Sugar And Fat Are Becoming The Biggest Health Threat To Kids.

  Nowadays,It’s so easy to feed our children too much sugar, salt and fat  without even  knowing especially with the proliferation of advertising through internet and mobile devices.   Getting children to consume less sugar, salt and fat is a… Continue Reading…