AGE RANGE :  60 months to 1200 months


STYLE :   Educational Toy, Educational Toy


ITEM DIMENSION : 15’ by 15’ by 2’




PUZZLE MAIN MATERIAL : 4mmThick Foam Board


British pounds : £5.99

American Dollar : $8.99

Euro : 8.99 euros



About this item


  • Engage yourself, family and/or friends to complete this 100,64,25 pieces Oyo  State jigsaw puzzle.


  • Improved memory, better problem-solving skills, higher IQ, improved mood and lower stress levels are just a handful of benefits attributed to regular jigsaw puzzle solving activity.


  • High quality puzzle,4mm thickness foam-board for durability and years of enjoyment matched with precisely cut interlocking pieces ensure a finished product with a smooth, even surface.


  • Sharpen your creative thinking and problem-solving skills! Yourjigsawpuzzles.com is committed to creating challenging puzzles for adults and/or puzzles for young adults in cooperation with amazing creatives that engage, educate and inspire fun.


  • Manufacture  and proudly produced in Nigeria, we are committed to providing quality puzzles, games and toys since 2019!


  • Oyo State is noted for being the site of the first university in Nigeria, the University of Ibadan.


  •  The state economy remains largely agrarian, with the western city of Shaki  being described as the state’s breadbasket.


  • Cassava, Cocoa and Tobacco are among the most important crops to Oyo state’s economy.


  • The  capital is Ibadan, With a projected population of 7,840,864 in 2016, Oyo is  the 3rd most populous in the country and formerly the second most populous city in Africa.


  • The present governor of Oyo State is  Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde.


  • The vast majority of Oyo State residents are Yoruba, and the Yoruba Language remains dominant.


  • It was formed in 1976 from Western State , and included  Osun State, which was split off in 1991.


  •  Oyo State is homogenous , mainly inhabited by the Yoruba ethnic group who are primarily agrarian but have a predilection for living in high-density urban centres.


  • The indigenes mainly comprise the Oyos, the One-Oguns, the Ibadans and the Ibarapa, all belonging to the Yoruba family.


  • Ibadan had been the centre of  administration of the old  Western Region since the days of British  colonial rule.


  • Presently the State has 2,004 public schools, 971 private nursery/primary schools, 969 public secondary schools including 7 schools of Science and 57 private secondary schools.


  • There are 324  secondary schools  and 1,576 public primary schools  in the state. Other noteworthy institutions in the city include the University College Hospital, Ibadan.


  •  The first teaching hospital in Nigeria and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA),Cocoa House ,located in Ibadan, was the first skyscraper in built in Africa.


  • The state is home to NTA Ibadan, the first television station in Africa.


  • It has  the Obafemi Awolowo (formerly, Liberty) Stadium, a stadium with a ccity of 35,000.
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