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Jigsaw Puzzles Explained  in Fewer Than 700 Characters


A jigsaw puzzle is a tilling jigsaw puzzles   that requires the assembly of often unique, different shaped interlocking pieces, each of which normally has a portion of a picture; when connected together, they produce a complete picture.


In the 18th century, jigsaw puzzles were created by painting  a picture on a flat, rectangular piece of wood, then cutting it into small pieces. Despite the name, a jigsaw was never used. 


John Spilsbury, a London cartographer and engraver, is credited with commercialising jigsaw puzzles around 1760.They have since come to be made primarily of cardboard.


Typical images on jigsaw puzzles include themes from nature,iconic buildings, castles, rivers and mountains are common, as well as other traditional subjects. 


Machine Fretsaw


However, any picture can be used. Artisan puzzle-makers and companies using technologies for one-off and small print-run puzzles utilize a wide range of subject matter, including optical illusions, unusual art, and personal photographs.


 In addition to traditional flat, two-dimensional puzzles, three-dimensional puzzles have entered large-scale production, including spherical puzzles and architectural recreations.


A number  of jigsaw puzzles accessories including boards, cases, frames, and roll-up mats has become available to assist jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts. While most finished puzzles are disassembled for reuse, they can also be attached to a backing with adhesive and framed as art.


 John Spilsbury  was  the first person to produced the first  jigsaw puzzle around 1760, using a marquetry saw.

Early puzzles, known as dissections, were produced by mounting  map  on sheets of hardwood  and cutting along national boundaries, creating a puzzle useful for teaching geograhpy. 


Royal governess Lady Charlotte Finch  used such “dissected maps” to teach the children of King George III  and Queen Charlotte.


   Cardboard jigsaw puzzles appeared in the late 1800s, but were slow to replace wooden ones because manufacturers felt that cardboard puzzles would be perceived as low-quality, and because profit margins on wooden jigsaws were larger.


The name “jigsaw” came to be associated with the puzzle around 1880 when fretsaws became the tool of choice for cutting the shapes. Since fretsaws are distinct from jigsaws, the name appears to be a misnomer. 


Jigsaw puzzles soared in popularity during the Great Depression, as they provided a cheap, long-lasting, recyclable form of entertainment.It was around this time that jigsaws evolved to become more complex and appealing to adults.




 They were also given away in  product promotions and used in advertising, with customers completing an image of the promoted product.


Sales of wooden puzzles fell after World War II  as improved wages led to price  increases, while improvements in manufacturing  processes made paperboard  jigsaws more attractive.


Demand for jigsaw puzzles saw a surge, comparable to that of the Great Depression, during the global  Covid-19 pandemic crises where everyone was indoor by  orders.


Jigsaw Puzzles has become  hobbies for lots of people all over the world. The feeling of having ones  mind focused and emptied of thoughts when engaging and playing jigsaw puzzles.

It’s like a portal to another world for most of puzzle enthusiasts all over the world irrespective of status,age and sex. 


Its a total  escape from the hustle and bustle of the  stressful world. Its a perfect way  to calm the nerve, meditate and relax.


If there would be jigsaw puzzles brand that you will  enjoy and have that sense of fulfillment  after completion, that definitely would be  theme designs from yourjigsawpuzzles.com brand.


jigsaw connect among mtn sales team

Their  Jigsaw Puzzle designs  come in different vatriants in term of pieces – 25,64 and 100 piece counts. Its a perfect counts for younger enthusiasts and adults who are newly introduced to the world of puzzling. 

Jigsaw puzzles help in mind’s performance, memory sharpness and patience enhancer, the thrill of  playing with joy and the fulfillment and excitement it brings when  completed is invaluable!


Feel free to share with us in the comment session some of the experience you had when you engaged with  jigsaw puzzles with your loved ones.

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