Jigsaw Puzzles :  Expectation  Vs Reality


With limited skills and experience, Jigsaw puzzles making  does bring some great job opportunities, but it can also be quite challenging for new comers in the Industry. 



When it comes to delivering on job expectations, any jigsaw puzzle maker  knows that things aren’t always what they seem. 


It is the same for puzzle makers : what is on paper or theoretical understanding doesn’t always mean the same in the reality.


Compared to what they can deliver, most freshers expect a lot more. As newbies in puzzle making, it is normal for them to have a different set of expectations that are far more higher than reality.


It is worthy of note that all  jigsaw making requires great attention to details,from sharp printing, smooth and  pricision in cutting and colourful and smart packaging, however,there are variation  from the choice of materials, which can be  wood,  glass, acryllic, foam board etc.

A machine that will be require to cut an acryllic jigsaw is totlally different from that of foam board materials. 


Customise Jigsaw puzzles

Therefore, in this blog, we will talk about the facts behind jigsaw puzzles making whether it is for customize or genreric designs.  We’re going to talk about the expectations vs. reality regarding the entire process of puzzle making. 

 Let’s look at some of the most common expectations vs. realities associated with puzzles  manufacturing.



Expectation vs. Reality

Cost – Expectation

When you get say for instance your customised puzzles developed, the common perception is that it’s expensive, especially in developing countries like Nigeria  where  the cost of living  is high. 


This is true is also true in number  countries like the USA, the UK, and Europe. The thought behind this mindset is that about customized themes are specially made and tailored to suit the Enthusiast and are usually more expensive when compare to the price of the generic ones. 



Cost – Reality

As much as we’d like this to be true, it’s not. The puzzle cost depends on  a number of factors from the number of puzzle  counts, materials to be used, types of packaging etc. you want to get developed.


Most  puzzle enthusiasts all over the world  are already aware of this; the cost of an puzzles depends on certain factors and consumer preference. So, the more durable the materials  and the accessories   provided, the higher the price will be. 


If you’re under a strict budget, the best approach would be to select from arrays of existing designs  already on yourjigsawpuzzles.com website,  with the basic details required of a good puzzle and await delivery to your doorstep in a matter of a day or two.


Amount of Time – Expectation

The common thinking among customers and even novice puzzle makers is that they can make an app quickly. 


The typical scenario is that puzzle making  is easy, so the product should be finished in a few days. 


To outsiders and even freshers in the field, it may seem easy because they are unaware of a plethora of processes and tasks that are to be carried out in order to have a perfect finish. 


Jigsaw puzzles  Box

Amount of Time – Reality

Jigsaw puzzles development is a stage by stage  process and involves high levels of details. It depends on the complexity of the them design and numbers of orders to be  produced, a typical customize jigsaw from say 10 different enthusiasts will take minimum of 5 working days to deliver. 


Usually, it takes about a 3 working days to deliver a simple customize design to  a consumer. There is higher tendency to lose precision when you rush and end up with a  a shabby jigsaw puzzles. 


Therefore, all makers know that giving proper time to the development process is essential.

To be brief about the process, it includes the following stages; 

  • Ideation 
  • Designing
  • Approval
  • Production
  • Sorting 
  • Packaging
  • Dispatch & Delivery

Technology – Expectation

The belief is that a creative artist who  is required to construct  and align design themes which can be a complex most time is simple.


That such a design  would require the expertise of a single expert, who would set the configuration and get it up and running in no time. 


You know the truth? It would be as easy as putting together Lego blocks, where they fit together immediately, and you’re done for the day.



Technology – Reality

Well, that was the understatement of the century. Now for the actual thing. The technology requires latest design software from corel draw ,adobe creative, photoshop etc.  It is important  to choose the framework that can give the necessary output per the client’s brief.


Lastly, the beauty of any jigsaw themes is a perfect blend of bright colours  from design, sharp image printing, precision in cutting, perfect interlocking piece and cool  and cool  packaging.


More than 80% of puzzles enthusiasts  complaints  are poor picture quality  from both designs and prints, loose fitting puzzles  and non attractive box  packaging. 


Delivery – Expectation

The most common misconception among freshers in the field and customers is that the delivery is the smoothest stage.


Just one click of a button, and all you have to do is relax. The online stores will usher your preffered puzzle  into your doorstep.


Delivery – Reality

If completing an order  online and delivery  was like that, it would change many things. Keeping in mind, there are several theme designs up on the website, and just like there will be fast selling ones which are in high demands, we will have slow selling ones, so there will be occasion where the online store will experience out of stock of the fast selling theme designs.


 Delivery procedure is also a very tricky part and require great attention to details so as to avoid mix up of orders from consumers across different part of the world. 



Final Words

In all,  Jigsaw puzzles  making is an extensive and procedure that has different process with where great attention to detail is require in all the steps, therefore, before ensure consumers are carried along,especially  while making customize puzzles, talk about these factors with your client beforehand. 


Be sure to remember the reality! Doing this will help you clarify what happens behind the scenes of jigsaw puzzles making!

Feel free to share with us other factors you think we should consider aside the above points raised via the comment session.

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