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10 Answers To The Most  Frequently  Asked Questions By Jigsaw Puzzle Enthusiasts Of All Ages


JIgsaw  puzzles gives that level of fulfilment and  moment  ultimate satisfaction whenever  the last piece of the puzzle  is put  in its correct  place. An this is true whether one is an adult or kid,its indeed one of the few activities one can enjoy with the loved ones and the entire family at large.


 JIgsaw helps build comprehension while encouraging cooperative learning  among  both millenials and older generation. It helps improve listening, communication, and problem-solving skills. Jigsaw puzzles are cool and comparatively not an expensive pastime. 


Below are  10 answers to the most frequently asked questions by jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts of all ages!


  1.  How long does it take to put a 1000 piece puzzle together?


It all comes down to interest, level of difficulty, number of participants fixing it, and how much the individuals has developed their puzzle-solving skills. On average, most puzzle solvers take usually 3-4 hours to solve one 1000 piece puzzle, when done on a stretch.



    2. Which jigsaw puzzle  brand is best?


The best jigsaw puzzles are : 


  • Jonathan Adler 750 Piece Lips Shaped Puzzle.
  • Disney Vintage Movie Posters.
  • Eurographics Keith Haring puzzle.
  • Larsen SS1 Solar System jigsaw.
  • Ravensburger Super Mario Challenge Puzzle.
  • Galison Monet Double Sided Puzzle
  • Unidragon wooden puzzle jigsaw. 
  • Adult Jigsaw Moomin: A Dangerous Journey


  1. What does jigsaw puzzle do to your brain?


Engaging in  a puzzle  help  improves connections between brain cells, improves mental speed and is an especially  perfect way to improve short-term memory. Jigsaw puzzles also help improve your visual-spatial reasoning.



  1. What do you call a person who does jigsaw puzzles?


Someone who plays and enjoys jigsaw puzzles is called a “Puzzle Enthusiast” or  Dissectologist“.


  1. What is the fastest time someone has done a 1000 piece puzzle?


The first World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship took place in Valladolid, Spain, on 28–29 September 2019. 

Jana Hanzelková (Czech Republic) topped the individual rankings with the fastest time to complete a 500-piece jigsaw – 46 minutes 35 seconds. 


Demelza Becerra Robledillo and Ángel Heras Salcedo (both Spain) set the fastest time to complete a 500-piece jigsaw by a pair, with a time of 34 minutes 34 seconds. The competition is invigilated by the World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation.

  1. What is a good size puzzle for adults?

A 100 piece counts will be recommended for a newbie even if He or She is an adult,however an upgrade to 250,300,500,750 or even 1000 piece counts will be ideal for an experience Enthusiast.

  1. Are puzzles Good for anxiety?

Puzzling is very good and ideal for reducing and relieving  stress and anxiety among people of all ages.

Puzzles and other meditative activities have long been thought to decrease feelings of anxiety and increase mental well-being. Studies have connected jigsaw puzzles to improved cognition in the elderly and people with dementia.


  1. What is the fastest way to solve a jigsaw puzzle?

One of the most common method of solving a jigsaw  is to start on the edges,this is simply by puting  the edges of the puzzle together first because, with one straight edge, the pieces are easier to identify and put together.

Although,there isn’t a single strategy that will work entirely for all  puzzles themes, but in the most  of cases, it is easiest to start with the edges of the themes.



We understand that there are obviously lots of queries enthusiasts across the globe will have concerning jigsaws,the above are just a small fraction from the multitude of questions, please feel free to send across your questions that  you will like us to answer in the comment session!

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